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June 17th, 1997 | Comments Off on White: Jon Skuldt’s Rotating Cast of Noise-Makers | Category: Essays, Interviews

If K.K. Downing and K.K. Null would get together, they could be the supergroup of the new millennium. — Jon Skuldt
Sitting on the fence between genres sets an outfit up for problems from all sides. No one, from fans, to labels, to writers, knows what to do with you. Sitting decidedly on the firm line between rock and noise, Pittsburgh-via-Chicago-via-Madison’s White represents an enigma well-worth figuring out.

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June 16th, 1997 | One Comment | Category: Essays, Interviews

“Our mission is to put the fear back into hardcore,” says stern Kiss It Goodbye guitarist Keith. Rarely does a band actually scare me, but given these guys’ varied backgrounds — believe me, no one is safe.
“Two of us were in Deadguy, three from Rorscach, one from Die 116, one from No Escape, and one from a German band called Ambush,” Keith says of this four-piece. He added it all up for me, but I couldn’t explain it to someone else even if I wanted to.
“Very, very few things come …