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May 30th, 1999 | Comments Off on Esther Dyson: Release 2.0 | Category: Interviews

Esther Dyson personifies the expression “mover and shaker” like no other. She keeps more figurative fingers in more pies than she has actual fingers on her hands: Russian, Central European as well as American start ups, multiple boards of directors, frequent flying, constant consulting (for the likes of the two Bills: Gates and Clinton, among countless others) and she still finds time to swim for one hour every single morning. One of the least interesting facts about her is that she’s the daughter of famous physicist Freeman Dyson.

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May 21st, 1999 | One Comment | Category: Interviews

Ellen Ullman has been programming computers for over two decades, but her best writing isn’t her code: it’s her literary writing. Her 1997 book Close to the Machine is a haunting memoir from the front lines of the digital revolution. Whether it’s her many articles for Wired, The New York Times, her commentary on NPR or her books, Ellen’s grasp of the human condition through the ever-thickening haze of whiz-bang technology is her real strength.