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May 28th, 2000 | 5 Comments | Category: Interviews

Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky let me run this interview in my book, Follow for Now. It was originally on Paul’s site,
“The more consciousness is intellectualized, the more matter is spatialized.” — Henri Bergson, “Creative Evolution,” 1911
Manuel De Landa writes from a strange pataphysical world of disjunctions and fluid transitions — a milieu where writing about ideas becomes a fluid dialectic switching from steady state to flux and back again in the blink of an eye, or the turn of a sentence. His style of thinking is a …

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May 21st, 2000 | 2 Comments | Category: Interviews

Mark Dery synthesizes the newest fringes of our culture into a united media interrogation of postmodernity. His books and countless articles place cyberculture, posthumanism, artificial intelligence, underground music, science fiction, etc. under a shrewd lens of inquiry and he returns adept insights and new ideas.
Overlooked and underrated, Mark Dery should be added to the short list of valid modern visionaries.
Roy Christopher: Many of the subjects in your analyses of cyberculture tend to have a “pro” or “con” view of the exponential progress of technology. What’s your personal take on our …

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May 06th, 2000 | Comments Off on Transcoastal Trip | Category: Me

Where to open the fissure? — Harlan Ellison
After two weeks on the road (seeing people all over the East, covering the UGP Roots Jam in Orlando, family deaths, etc.), I am finally in San Diego.