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May 21st, 2001 | Comments Off on Live Fast: Dave Young | Category: Interviews

Dave Young is a certified bad ass. The guy has no hesitation on his bike — he’ll try most anything right out of the gate.
Currently he’s working on a BMX company called BLK/HRT. Expect the same “no hesitations” attitude to reign here as well.
The last time I hung out with him, he was trying this rail at Balboa Park in San Diego that apparently no one has done. It’s huge, long and the runway kept boosting him up over the rail. He kept trying it until he could barely walk …

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May 17th, 2001 | 7 Comments | Category: Essays

You’re right, Roy, you’re hopeless. Hopelessly obsessed with a time in your sport that died a long time ago… — McGoo
Even after being dissed in Ride BMX (see the November/December 1995 issue) by McGoo, I still believe whole-heartedly in the power of zines. In his lengthy debunking of my DIY print media enthusiasm, McGoo enlisted the help of Andy Jenkins (an explanation of his importance in the zine world is too long to list here) saying, “If Andy’s own words don’t convince a thousand zine kids to throw away their …