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October 30th, 2001 | Comments Off on Steve Machuga: Today Forward | Category: Interviews

I don’t know that much about Seattle except that everybody there tries to ride like Machuga. — Some Kid from Kent, Washington
A couple of months before I moved away from Seattle this last time, I finally ran into my old friend Toast. We were track-standing at the Green Lake dirt jumps, catching up, when I noticed that the guy to my left on the Terrible One (Toast was to my right) looked hella familiar.

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October 14th, 2001 | Comments Off on Gonzo Marketing by Christopher Locke | Category: Reviews

To bring humor to a topic requires mastery beyond that of a mere expert. In Gonzo Marketing: Winning through Worst Practices (Perseus Publishing), Christopher Locke exhibits a lot of things, but most of all, his hilarious wit shines bright over the often drab concepts of business. His mastery is not of how business is done best, but how it’s done worst.