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August 28th, 2002 | Comments Off on Adam Voith: Missives from the Downtimes | Category: Interviews

While I struggle to keep a few websites updated and maybe put out a ’zine a year, Adam Voith publishes books. Not only that, but he does it differently. TNI Books (Adam’s imprint) puts out a biannual magazine/book thing called Little Engines (crammed with short stories by the leaders of the new literature underground, sandwiched between a few pages of ads), excellent novels (some of which he also writes), and random other printed matter. He also maintains engaging blogs and the TNI web empire.

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August 23rd, 2002 | Comments Off on Relative Ways | Category: Essays, Me

The New does not emerge. It erupts, then fades away. It always begins with brief moments of undefinedness. — Geert Lovink
Our post-dotcom, post-unfortunate attack era is desperately seeking understanding. Internet criticism and Network theory (both hereafter referred to as ‘Net Theory’) are reeling from the subsiding of dotcom madness and the decentralized organization of terrorists. Net Theory seeks to understand, analyze, and critique a moving target. Indeed more than a moving target — a moving target made up of moving targets.

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August 05th, 2002 | One Comment | Category: Interviews

With over twenty-five years exploring human-computer interaction, Brenda Laurel is an unsung veteran of the field. Her doctoral dissertation was the first to propose a comprehensive architecture for computer-based interactive fantasy and fiction. Laurel was one of the founding members of the research staff at Interval Research Corporation in Palo Alto, California, where she coordinated research activities exploring gender and technology, and where she co-produced and directed the Placeholder Virtual Reality project. She was also one of the founders and VP of design of a spin-off company from Interval — …