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September 24th, 2002 | 17 Comments | Category: Interviews

My friend and colleague Brandon Pierce let me run this interview in my book, Follow for Now.
Culture is driven by technology. Contemplate, for a moment, all of the devices that have changed your life in profound ways; or attempt a regress to your mental and physical state of being before the birth of the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly, you will notice your life is now inextricably linked to and tangled within technologies that pervade our daily experience (technophobes excluded). Our relationships, interests, and attitudes have all been cultivated by technological …

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September 10th, 2002 | Comments Off on 1 Giant Leap Directed by Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman | Category: Reviews

In order to thrive, ecologies need diversity. Functionalism has proven itself in the wild. What seems bad to us, if removed causes disturbance in the equilibrium of nature. As immune as we might feel, our cultural ecology is not excluded from the rule of diversity.

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September 01st, 2002 | Comments Off on Safety in Numbers Art Show | Category: Announcements, Me

Though I’m admittedly not much of a painter, I have five pieces in the “Safety in Numbers” art show starting September 13th at The Ritz and Café Mundi in Austin, TX.