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October 23rd, 2002 | 3 Comments | Category: Interviews

“Playing it safe isn’t interesting,” once quoth Ryan Kidwell a.k.a. Cex. The 20-year old laptop beat-twister-cum-emcee just dropped his fifth major release in four years and has another one on the way. Though being young and white on the mic is not the most auspicious spot, Kidwell risks it with heft, hubris and humor, saying, “I’m like the white Eminem.” The kid is like crack: sit through Tall, Dark and Handcuffed (Tigerbeat6, 2002) just once and you’ll be hooked. How is he so young and able to speak with the …

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October 08th, 2002 | 6 Comments | Category: Interviews

With the highly regarded and well-used Nettime mailing list, Geert Lovink established himself as one of the few true leaders of sober, useful net criticism (a discourse he in effect co-founded). Now, with Dark Fiber: Tracking Critical Internet Culture (MIT Press, 2002) and the forthcoming Uncanny Networks: Dialogues With the Virtual Intelligentsia (MIT Press, 2003), he further expands his vision where others have fallen silent. Finally, with the end of the dot-com hand-waving, comes a voice for all of the fissures in the facade.

Lovink is one part activist, one part …