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August 02nd, 2004 | Comments Off on Watching Race and Revolution Televised | Category: Reviews

Having grown up watching shows like Sanford & Son, Good Times, What’s Happening!!, Diff’rent Strokes, etc., I didn’t start to think hard about the typical representations of race on television until I heard Public Enemy’s “She Watch Channel Zero” (and their follow-up response aimed at movies, “Burn Hollywoood, Burn”).

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August 01st, 2004 | One Comment | Category: Reviews

The introduction to Rivers’ Edge: The Weezer Story (ECW Press) is called “Why bother?” I have to admit that those were my exact sentiments when I saw this book. I don’t like Weezer. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve bad-mouthed them with every chance I’ve been given (and some that I just took). So, why did I bother? Because I figured that reading this book would be like watching VH1’s Behind the Music: It wouldn’t matter which band it was about, the story would be good. And …