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March 15th, 2007 | 17 Comments | Category: Interviews, Videos

I’m a child of the 80s when, as emcee/producer/label-owner El-Producto puts it, every Hip-hop record that came out was that new sound, that next shit. As you all know, I’m still a huge Hip-hop fan, but those new styles just don’t drop that often, much less with every new release. Now typically someone hits it big with a style and others scramble to sound the same. Not so with El-P. His musical M.O. is from that previous era where you had to innovate or you fell off, and biting was …

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March 15th, 2007 | One Comment | Category: Marginalia

I just found out that Jean Baudrillard died last week. As much as his work has been loved, debated, and dismissed, I feel a great loss. As Steven Shaviro once put it, “The success of a work of theory should be measured by its capacity to provoke diversities of response, and not by its ability to compel unanimous acceptance.” I have a great many of Baudrillard’s books and, for what it’s worth, he had the diversity of response down.
Peace to Baudrillard and his family. He will be missed.

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March 14th, 2007 | Comments Off on What We Want, What We Believe: The Black Panther Party Library DVD | Category: Reviews

“Let us go on outdoing ourselves; a revolutionary man always transcends himself or otherwise he is not a revolutionary man, so we always do what we ask of ourselves or more than we know we can do.” –- Huey P. Newton, Revolutionary Suicide

What We Want, What We Believe: The Black Panther Party Library (AK Press), taking its name from the two categories that Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale divided their ten-point program into when forming the Black Panther Party in 1967, is a four-disc set of short documentary …