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January 30th, 2011 | Comments Off on The Perfect Metaphor | Category: Poems
The Perfect Metaphor

Daily hanging in my head heavy.
And no matter what, I never feel ready.
Always slightly flushed, like you just came,
The flesh of your cheeks recalls hips of the same
Like the perfect metaphor that brings meaning to light.
The irony being that their meaning invites night.
It invites actions not illuminated, hidden by lacks thereof.
Lust, it seems, is a lot like love.
The desire lines in my head all lead to the same thought:
Paths less-traveled, but worn with want.
Lines of longing lingering on soft curves and in soft sighs.
Crossing in colored flecks, undefinable in your …

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January 25th, 2011 | 12 Comments | Category: Reviews, Videos
Distant Early Warning: Coupland on McLuhan

If I had to pick a patron saint, a hero, or a single intellectual influence for my adult self, it would undoubtedly be Marshall McLuhan. If you’ve spent any time at all reading my work, you’ve seen his name and his ideas. Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work! (Atlas & Co., 2010) is the latest biography of the man and differs from previous versions in many ways, not the least of which is the author. Having struggled through several of Douglas Coupland’s novels, I had my reservations about …

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January 21st, 2011 | 5 Comments | Category: Essays, Reviews, Videos
The BMX-Files: A Brief History in Two DVDs

In the June, 1987 issue of FREESTYLIN’ Magazine, underground BMX rider and zine-maker Carl Marquardt described a ramp trick he called a “flakie”: a backflip fakie air. His friend and fellow rider Paul Mackles had offered him $100 if he pulled it. Three years later, Mat Hoffman did the damn thing at a contest in Paris. In his usual methodical style, Mat worked on it in secret in Oklahoma for months beforehand. As he puts it in The Ride of My Life (Harper-Entertainment, 2002), “To make it, I needed at …

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January 19th, 2011 | 3 Comments | Category: Essays
Word Power: Watch What You Say

When I was six years old, I propped a 2×4 up on a brick in our driveway and jumped my Evel Knievel Signature Schwinn Stingray a few inches less than a foot off the ground. My grandfather saw me trying to achieve escape velocity and told me to keep it up, that it would “earn me some money one day.” Well, I’m still pedaling toward inclined planes attempting to leave the earth’s surface, but I’ve never earned a dime doing it. The point is not my inability to parlay my propensity …

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January 15th, 2011 | Comments Off on “In The Pink” Redesign | Category: Marginalia
“In The Pink” Redesign

So, I crawled out from under my largely word-based creative existence and did some design work this week. Not that it was a major feat of Photoshop and code, but it felt good to work out the design cobwebs. My friend Eileen Smith needed to revamp her web presence, so I turned her WordPress blog from this:

…into this:

It felt especially good since I used to do this stuff as my nine-to-five, and now I pretty much only do it for myself (as well as since my major creative work these …

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January 06th, 2011 | Comments Off on Sandy Carson show at L. Nowling Gallery | Category: Announcements
Sandy Carson show at L. Nowling Gallery

My good friend Sandy Carson has another show of his photographs coming up soon.

Here are the details from Sandy:
I want to formally invite you to the opening of my first group exhibition of the year Storytelling at the L. Nowlin Gallery here in Austin. This exhibit, curated by the Austin Photography Group, features 40 Austin photographers and opens next Saturday, January 15th from 6-8pm. I shall be showing a piece from my Black Friday series from 2009.
Here’s a preview of the show. See you all there!

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January 06th, 2011 | Comments Off on A Prayer for a New Year | Category: Marginalia, Poems
A Prayer for a New Year

More stretch, less tense.
More field, less fence.
More bliss, less worry.
More thank you, less sorry.
More nice, less mean.
More page, less screen.
More reading, less clicking.
More healing, less picking.
More writing, less typing.
More liking, less hyping.
More honey, less hive.
More pedal, less drive.
More wind, less window.
More in action, less in-tow.
More yess, less maybes.
More orgasms, less babies.
More hair, less cuts.
More ands, less buts.
More map, less menu.
More home, less venue.
More art, less work.
More heart, less hurt.
More meaning, less words.
More individuals, less herds.
More verbs, less nouns.
More funny, less clowns.
More dessert, less diet.
More noise, less quiet.
More courage, less fear.
More …