Aesop Rock’s Skelethon: Trailer and New Song

April 10th, 2012 | Category: Announcements, Videos

My dude Aesop Rock‘s new record doesn’t come out until July 10th, but here are a few sneak peeks:

Since Hail Mary Mallon’s Are You Going to Eat That? (RhymeSayers, 2011) was my favorite record of last year, you know I’m ready for what these guys have been up to since. With new records in the works from all involved, this summer is guaranteed to have an ill soundtrack. On to the goodies:

Aesop Rock and Whiskers the Cat star in the album tralier for Skelethon: [runtime: 1:57]:

Here’s “Zero Dark Thirty” from Skelethon (play this loud):

And here’s an odd clip of John Greenham mastering something new [runtime: 0:49]:

For more on all of the above, check out Aesop’s site and the compendium of dope weirdness, 900 Bats. It’s on like ‘frigerators.

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