Bad Comedians = Bad Drivers

February 08th, 2005 | Category: Marginalia

Last week my girl and I were headed out to get some lunch. We were driving through back roads in San Diego, and we got stuck behind this big, honking SUV in which the driver was talking on the phone: nothing out of the ordinary, but frustrating nonetheless. Anyway, this monstrosity-on-wheels kept creeping along, veering from one side of the road to the other. Just as I was about to lose it and lay on the horn, the SUV took a slow, un-signaled left and crawled out of the way.

As we finally got past it, I noticed the vanity tag:


So, based on this experience, I’m trying to formulate a propositional theory wherein the comedic ability on stage is directly proportional to the driving ability, but I need more data in order to make sure this isn’t a spurious correlation.

For the record, Doug Stahope‘s driving is good, but it’s kinda edgy (i.e., “It’s not for everybody”), just like his act.

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