Nerdy T-Shirts: Baudrillard and Frankfurt School

January 14th, 2013 | Category: Marginalia

So, in the interest of obscure references and nerdy nerdness, I made Jean Baudrillard and Frankfurt School shirts. Here are the details:

For the sultan of the simulacra, we have the copy of a copy of a copy of his countenance, in the black of toasted toner on the white of winter, of course.

Baudrillard shirtBaudrillard COPY

And for the more cultured, we have the Frankfurt School ampersand shirt. Top five dudes of the day listed right on front. The actual print is not quite so crisp, which gives this T that good ol’ German, vintage look.

Frankfurt School shirtFrankfurt School

These are hand-screened, hand-packaged, and hand-shipped via USPS. They’re going for US$20 postage-paid. Nerd it up.


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