Doug Stanhope’s Digging Up Mother on Splitsider

June 02nd, 2016 | Category: About, Announcements

I have a bit about Doug Stanhope‘s new memoir, Digging Up Mother: A Love Story (Da Capo, 2016) over on Splitsider today.

Digging Up MotherHere’s an excerpt:

The book, as it states right on the cover, is a love story and a memoir. If you want to know what he’s done since his last DVD or since the last time you saw him live, check Youtube. Most of this book happens before that was even possible. Many a buried back-story is unearthed here: Doug’s earliest days as a road comic, when he actually lived on the road – in his car. His stint as an innovative, master cold-calling telemarketer. One-nighters, hell gigs, middling, featuring, telling jokes to the elderly on a tour bus, and “making it” in all of its elusive meanings. Many days and nights of performances, beverages, and substances. There’s quite a lot of the latter, and Mother is there for every phase, step, and bump along the way.

Read the full story here.


Many thanks to Doug, Bonnie, Bingo, Chaille, Brett, and the whole Unbookables/Panamint Lifers crew, as well as Adam Frucci at Splitsider.

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