How I Got Over The Roots

July 25th, 2012 | Category: Announcements

I put The Roots collective head out over on my man Tim Baker’s SYFFAL site in a column they call “Old Yeller’d.” The idea is to kill off some cultural sacred cow that’s just gone on way too long. I picked Illadelph’s finest.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s been a decade since anyone should’ve been paying any attention to The Roots (Phrenology for those of you keeping score at home). They probably peaked before that, and it wasn’t on that heavy-handed, overrated Things Fall Apart joint. It’s hard to innovate with that many crocks on the counter. How many dudes are in this band? I can’t imagine how they ever got paid, laid, or fed. It’s only fitting that they became a house band, slowcooking into onscreen oblivion.

It gets worse, and it’s only partially in jest. Read the rest on SYFFAL.