Live Fast: Dave Young

May 21st, 2001 | Category: Interviews

Dave Young is a certified bad ass. The guy has no hesitation on his bike — he’ll try most anything right out of the gate.

Currently he’s working on a BMX company called BLK/HRT. Expect the same “no hesitations” attitude to reign here as well.

The last time I hung out with him, he was trying this rail at Balboa Park in San Diego that apparently no one has done. It’s huge, long and the runway kept boosting him up over the rail. He kept trying it until he could barely walk back to the car. We settled in for some coffee and talked about many topics. Some of which are replicated here.

Me and Dave Young on our way to ride.

Roy Christopher: How old are you? Where from?

Dave Young: I’m a whopping 22 and I’m from San Diego, CA but recently relocated to Los Angeles, The City of Angels.

RC: How long riding?

DY: I started racing BMX when I was 13 and just really liked to jump and go fast, so I quit after two months or so. I would just go to jumps around town. So, I guess about 9 years….eeek!

RC: How’d you get into BMX?

DY: I saw the movie RAD and thought it would be RAD to get a BMX! I’ve always want to do an endo out of a Kix bowl!

RC: How’d you hook up with Kink?

DY: Hmm… I was riding for Metal and It was kick-ass, but it was just time to move on and try something new. Zack called me and offered me a spot.

RC: Other sponsors?

DY: I also ride for Vans, Innes, and BLK/HRT.

RC: What’s your favorite stuff to ride?

DY: I enjoy riding schools mostly because a good school usually has a bunch of kick-ass shit in one spot!

RC: Who do you like riding with?

DY: When I was in S.D my posse consisted of Boom Boom Buchans, and when I was on the east coast I would rip with Ryan Sher, but In L.A it’s been mostly solo missions.

RC: Do you like contests?

DY: [They] help expose the sport to the public and makes it more widely accepted. [They] bring in a lot of new riders, and if some kid gets on a BMX and is stoked, that’s all that matters!

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