Mourning Unwound

April 02nd, 2002 | Category: Essays

Another one gone… Steve Albini says breaking up happens to too few bands, and usually I agree. Usually band breakups don’t bother me, but this one does. After over 10 years together, Unwound were still making some of the best music out there. And now it’s over. I am truly hurt and the music world is poorer for it.

UnwoundUnwound was easily one of the best meldings of mind and sound ever to come together on stage and in the studio. Whatever alchemy it takes to make the space between the nebulous possibilities of drums, bass, guitar, voice, emotion, timing, rage, and countless human and other factors, Justin Trosper, Vern Rumsey and Sara Lund had it in spades. Their catalog — not to mention their live shows — is absolutely phenomenal. And the last entry, Leaves Turn Inside You, was a candidate among many for their best yet. They were at the top of their game and still breaking the rules and expanding what it meant to play music.

Here’s to another band that will never suck. Even though it sucks that they’re not still together. Unwound, you will truly be missed.

Unwound: 1991-2002

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