I Get on the Mix Late in the Night

February 06th, 2004 | Category: Me

Well, last night I finally got out of my bedroom and subjected the public to my loud, noisy tastes in vinyl. Yep, my first live set in several years. I hauled a crate down to the Rosary Room (in downtown San Diego) and played a brief, but fun blend of noise.

The set list looked something like this:

  • Unwound — first minute and a half of “We Invent You” (it’s just guitar feedback, if you haven’t heard it)
  • Mogwai “Secret Pint”
  • My Bloody Valentine “Soon”
  • Camera Obscura “Cinemateque”
  • Brian Eno “Deep Blue Monday”
  • Hood “Branches Bare”
  • Bare Minimum “Luchuk”
  • Mogwai “Fear Satan (My Bloody Valentine Remix)”

I’ll probably try and do this every first and third Thursday of the month, so if you’re into the loud, rythmic drone of what you see above, come check it out.

February 20, 2004: “I get on the mix late in the night…” — Chuck D

Last night at the Rosary Room, my early morning (1am) setlist looked like this:

  • DJ Spooky “You Are Now About to Witness…”
  • Hair and Skin Trading Company “Conscious Uncons:..?*U12/Knife Fright”
  • Hovercraft “De-Orbit Burn (Scanner Remix)”
  • Mogwai “Sine Wave”
  • Still “Anodyne”
  • Techno Animal “Megaton (dälek Remix)”
  • My Bloody Valentine “Soon”
  • Main “Rail”

The B-Boys had all gone home by the time I was on, so it was probably best that I was on so late. I do bring the noise, but a little too literally for the body rock, knaw’mean?


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