One-Word Description

August 22nd, 2006 | Category: Me

Dres: “Yo, you found some wealth?”
Posdnous: “More in my mind than in my pocket.”
— De La Soul, “En Focus”

One morning at the bus stop several years ago, an old woman walked up to me with a copy of The Adventures of Sally by P.G. Wodehouse. She said, “Excuse me, sir, do you know what that word means?” Her finger was on page six, pointing to the word “impecunious.” I had to admit to her that I did not know the meaning of this word, and that I was unable to ascertain its meaning from the context of the sentence:

“… an awkward constraint right through the soup and fish courses. Most of those present had known Fillmore Nicholas as an impecunious young man who could make a tweed suit last longer than one would have believed possible.”

According to Merriam-Webster, “impecunious” means, “having little or no money, usually habitually.” Well, if theres any word I should know, that’s got to be the one.

I’ve always been a “do it for the love” kind of guy. I’d rather have work that I enjoy than an annoying job that pays more. But, if I’ve learned anything in my thirty-five years of existence, it’s the following: If you don’t make money somewhat of a priority, you never fucking have any.