View The Friends and Fun Album

Friends and Fun

Silly pictures of me and my friends.

View The Skateboarding! Album


Me, trying to stay on my board -- friends too.

View The Bicycles Album


Two-wheeled fun.

View The Drawings and Creations Album

Drawings and Creations

Stuff I made and drew and painted and such.

View The <em>Follow for Now</em> Album

Follow for Now

Adventures in self-publishing: Pictures of my first book in various places, mostly on shelves.

View The UIC Murals Album

UIC Murals

In the Spring of 2017, I painted two murals for the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

View The Fridays Album Fridays

From 2002 to 2004, epic Friday after-work sessions used to go down at the warehouse in San Diego.

View The DJ Days Album

DJ Days

Pictures of people standing behind turntables with headphones on.

View The Geekend 2010 Album

Geekend 2010

Photos from Geekend, 2010 in Savannah, Georgia, stolen from Josh Branstetter, Jennifer Parsons, Sloane Kelly, and Rhiannon Modzelewski.

View The Panamint 2005 Album

Panamint 2005

Photographic evidence of Doug Stanhope's annual desert party circa 2005.

View The Shutter to Think Album

Shutter to Think

Pictures I've taken or stolen.