Planet Panamint

June 13th, 2005 | Category: Me

Ok, so I just returned from Panamint Springs and Doug Stanhope‘s annual Death Valley desert party (pictures). I rode down with Andy Andrist. We took a tent that, during five days in the desert, never made it out of the car. We slept where we fell. And there was lots of falling.

“Laughter came out of the showerhead.” — Doug Stanhope

I met some of the most amazing people there. Semi-planned and impromptu performances each night yielded many rogue moments of magic. So much talent, so wide open, I think a roll call is in order: Doug and Renee (of course), Andy, Hinty, Father Luke, Mortimer, Lynn Shawcroft, Extreme Matt, James Inman, Banjo Randy, Jim Goad, Henry Phillips, Dwight Slade, Auggie Smith, Bari Koral, Matty Rice, The Mattoid, Costa Rica Kevin, Prinny and Ben, Emery Emery, Hale Sayton, Tommy Rocker, Gay Cousin Eric, Baby Arm Joe, Cory the Lesbian, Chaille and Jody, my new boyfriend Brett Erickson and his girl Kerry Mitchell, among many others…

A deep and profound gratitude is due Doug Stanhope. Where others talk shit, he puts it into practice. It’s all too rare. Big thanks to everyone who was there as well. Everyone’s presence made the experience what it was. So, thank you all.

I returned home to Seattle a few days later than everyone else who was trying. Had I had more sleep, I might have been frustrated. As it was, marinating in a bus or a train station along the way was perfect.

“Do you believe in gosh?” — Mitch Hedberg

Yes. Yes, I do.

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