Safety in Numbers Art Show

September 01st, 2002 | Category: Announcements, Me

Though I’m admittedly not much of a painter, I have five pieces in the “Safety in Numbers” art show starting September 13th at The Ritz and Café Mundi in Austin, TX.

Hanging at The Ritz

Hanging out at The Ritz.


Iconoclast – black and white acrylic on cardboard


Fallacy – black and white acrylic on cardboard

Roots DJ

Roots DJ – black and white acrylic and photocopy on cardboard


But is it Scalable? – Sharpie on white cardboard

Citizen vs Consumer

Citizen vs Consumer – black and white acrylic on cardboard and newspaper

Many thanks go out to Taj Mihelich (for inviting me to participate), Dave Vander Maas (for handling everything for me), Jared Souney (for the full report) and everyone else who attended, participated and supported the event.

Safety in Numbers

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