October 15th, 2008 | Category: Announcements, Videos

Earlier this year, Mark Lewman somehow conned Nike into funding the FREESTYLIN’ Magazine reunion book he’s been wanting to do since FREESTYLIN’ stopped printing pages in the early 90s. Having finally received my copy, I am glad he did.

If you came up in the 80s BMX world, or even if you missed it, this book is a must-have if you’re interested in the history of BMX. Andy Jenkins, Spike Jonze, and Lew got back together, went through the archives, contacted everyone they could find, and reassembled the magazine that we all worshipped during BMX freestyle’s original heyday. From the pros to the zines to the behind-the-scenes is all here.


Craig Grasso puttin’ it down.

80s zine covers [Yes, even I have a couple in there… and I got the opportunity to contribute writing some to this thing as well. Thanks, Lew!]

Here’s a video clip from the L.A premiere of the book [runtime: 4:38]:

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  • Brian B said:

    Props to the write up of our culture Roy. Where can I order one of these books?
    BMX made me who I am today!
    Team Anonymous!

  • Roy Christopher (author) said:

    Thanks, you two (for some reason, I can’t get Paul’s comment to show). Sandy just gave me a BMX bike to replace the one I had to leave in Portland, and Taj just ordered me a new fixed-gear frame. It’s on like ‘fridgerators…

    Miss you guys…

  • Matt said:

    Wow. Just wow. Whoever chose the live Agent Orange track knows what’s up. I still have all my freestylin mags from back then, waiting to be busted out & read by a couple of drunks. Isn’t that one of our zines in the 1st diagonal down from the NW corner?

  • Brian B said:

    roy, what up! How can I purchase this book? Email me at my email if you have any info.