Think Big, Live Without Limitations

November 23rd, 2008 | Category: Marginalia, Videos

From my boy paWL (via Alaska, both of the legendary Hangar 18 crew), a positively put, election-related video. To be more specific, watching President-Elect Obama’s acceptance speech inspired Paul and friends to create something in response. They felt compelled to capture the spirit of that night in a way that would begin to explain the import of this election and how personal it was to so many people. At the same time, it asks everyone to look forward, keep the momentum established in the Obama campaign and THINK BIG about our future.

From Paul:

As many of you may already know, because you responded to the call and donated your time, energy or in some cases personal stories – I was moved by the events of November 4th. To be more specific, watching President-Elect Obama’s acceptance speech inspired me to create something in response. I felt compelled to produce something that would begin to explain the import of that night, this election and how people responded to both.

I feel it’s crucial to keep the forward momentum established by the Obama campaign, and if I could contribute to that I was obligated to do so…we all are. If we’re to take anything away from Obama’s speech it is that change has to start with us, not him. We all have a responsibility to the people around us, to quote Timmy Grins.

So, I’ve produced a short film that looks forward to an Obama administration rather than looking back. There was Hope. We made Change. We all believed in the power of “Yes we can”. Now, I would argue is the time to THINK BIG, rather than settle for “yes we did”.

Everyone involved in this project donated their time, energy, talent and resources. This is not for profit and I’m not looking for anything but 6 minutes or so of your time to watch it, share it, and hopefully — keep it moving!

I would like to thank all of you that helped. It was a pleasure to share the creative process with you and I can’t tell you how good it feels just to make something because you believe in it, and watch that concept come together so organically. Please, share it with anyone you think would enjoy it — maybe even those of us that didn’t vote for Obama.


Remember… He’s your President too.


Paul Iannacchino, Jr.

With that said, here’s Paul’s video [runtime: 6:20]:

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  • Gyrus said:

    It’s great to see some thoughtful, reflective, more intimate post-election reactions and recollections – naturally the media here in England covered the election night euphoria, but then the public response slipped away.

    I have to question “Think Big”, though. Pushing this idea doesn’t look like much of a challenge in the States. I get the feeling that people here may be trying to reframe it as less literalist, but that’s maybe me reading my own hopes into things. It just seems like the stock crash, global recession and looming energy shortages are good cues to bring E.F. Schumacher’s “Small” to the fore.

    Selling “Small” as a positive metaphor in the States may be an uphill struggle. But few symbolic polarities with impacts on real life have been more loaded than White/Black; and now Black has been embraced to a unthought of extent.

  • Gyrus said:

    Thinking more about this, I guess it’s clear everyone here is thinking “big” in terms of expansive optimism, not really anything that would necessarily lead to more over-consumption and resource depletion. But, the big/small metaphor’s a really tricky one, and crucial. How to spread expansive sentiment without adding fuel to the destructively expansive economy? “Less is more” spread succesfully through aesthetics; how to extend it to social and economic thinking?