Transcoastal Trip

May 06th, 2000 | Category: Me

Where to open the fissure? — Harlan Ellison

After two weeks on the road (seeing people all over the East, covering the UGP Roots Jam in Orlando, family deaths, etc.), I am finally in San Diego.

A few highlights from the transcoastal trip:

  • Ben’s car (in which we made said trip), after being packed with everything we could possible stuff into it, transformed into an invisible, intrepid, nocturnal, mobile singularity.
  • In Austin, Texas, Steve Mayo dresses like a homeless menthol cigarette.
  • Somewhere in the middle of day #4, the space-time continuum folded itself into an origami pterodactyl and we couldn’t figure out what time it was.

We got here Friday night, but Saturday was the real first day. We hooked up with Chris Mullins (my boss) and did some looking around the city, went to the beach, ate some Mexican food, drank some beer and ended up at Tod Swank’s house in his hot tub. Dude has Guinness on tap! In his house! DSL availability was being researched on a small khaki house. We were unable to acquire said pants-colored dwelling, due to being the fourth people to apply for it. Now, I am the Chattanooga Champ (“takin’ the train… takin’ the train…”). I’ve been taking the Coaster to work. It’s a commuter train that runs down the coast of SoCal (hence the name). Matt (with whom we’re staying right now) lives hella far away (Solana Beach), so I gots me a little commute until Ben and I find some Gap clothing-colored house in the city. The train is dope though ’cause I can ride my bike to the station in Solana Beach, take the 45-minute train ride down to downtown Sandy Eggo (during which I can read, listen to beats, dig on the scenery and alla that), then ride my bike to my office at (currently located in the Tum Yeto building, but we’re moving to our own space in a few weeks). This morning, I stopped for coffee at this coffee shop next door to the International School of Languages. Holy shit! Fly ass foreign girls everywhere! I have to say that overall, the commute ain’t so bad… My recent days are long and hectic and my current nights are spent stealing sleep from the tight confines of a closet. No lie.As soon as we get set up in our own place, and I get all settled here, I’ll get back to work on HEADTUBE,, “el gato es muy peligroso,” and all other projects. I’m still down. Just give me some time to get my steez situated once again.