Abandoned Accounts:
A Collection of Poems

Coming July 30, 2021 from Close to the Bone.

I am happy to announce that Close to the Bone will be publishing Abandoned Accounts, a chapbook of my first collection of poems, next summer!

The initial poems in this collection came out of a writing exercise. I was collecting memories, glimpses of events and people that didn’t belong or fit anywhere else. Some are about places I’ve lived and some are about people I’ve loved. Eventually they amassed into something maybe more.

The title was inspired by the idea of explanations left behind to be interpreted otherwise and therefore not lending an explanation at all. Memories are often that way, remaining clear while their histories fade. Later, I came across these three quotations:

“When I read a poem, I am, finally, reading abandonment. Some writers abandon prematurely. Some abandon at the very limits of their gifts. Some abandon and they are ethereal and heavenly abandonments. Perfect abandonments. Those are abandonments I aspire to.” 
— Carmen Giménez Smith

“Poets don’t finish poems, they abandon them.” 
— Paul Valéry

“The most dramatic finding from the survey was that 66.0% of surveyed blogs had not been updated in two months, representing 2.72 million blogs that have been either permanently or temporarily abandoned.” 
— Perseus Development survey, 2003

Those make it sound all hoity-toity, but it really was inspired just by the idea of abandoned words being interpreted as poetry, much in the way that memories can be.

Maybe as an escape, perhaps a product of nostalgia, most of the poems in this collection were written in the past year. I am so looking forward to getting them out into the world via Close to the Bone. Many thanks to Stephen J. Golds and Craig Douglas for the opportunity.

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