Prior to graduate school, I spent over twenty years working as a writer, editor, and designer both on- and off-line. I have written and edited for WIRED Magazine, Vulture, the Quietus, Literary Hub, the MIT Press, MSN Music, 21C Magazine, Steven Johnson’s How We Get to Next, ESPN, DIG BMX Magazine, X-Games, and SLAP Skateboard Magazine, among many others. These are the books I've contributed to, edited, or written.


“Roy gets culture and, more importantly, gets why getting culture is so important. He's a big-picture thinker who isn't so caught up in his visions that he forgets to research and report on the details of what's really going on." — Douglas Rushkoff, author Team Human

“You know, when you get too old and too domesticated to know where the new stuff is going to hit from, you need someone out there who knows how to duck and weave, and who brings back the news. That person is Roy Christopher." — McKenzie Wark, author General Intellects

"What we need is a parkour for the Interzone triangulated by 'street' culture, the poets laureate of digital disruption, and the hairier fringes of academic discourse. If anybody's going to take a crack at it, Roy Christopher—certified skaterboy, Ph.D. in Communication Studies, fractal geometer tracing the coastlines of subcultural thought—is that thinker." — Mark Dery, author Born to be Posthumous

“Roy Christopher's writing shows delightful erudition and an expansive command of both creative conjecture and the historical landscape." — Brian H. Spitzberg, Senate Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Communication, San Diego State University

“Roy Christopher has a gift for making a McLuhanesque argument. His work is well-written, well-argued, and timely." — John Oakes, co-founder O/R Books

“Brilliant!" — Richard Nash, publishing strategist