Faith Skate Supply Logo

As I do most summers, I recently visited my parents in Alabama. Inspired by the new socks I got from Faith Skate Supply in Birmingham, I decided to attempt a logo design.

It’s been a while, so I’m kinda rusty. I had tried once before to come up with a black-metal style, ambigram logo for Faith to no avail (see the two thin-lined attempts in the photo below), but something clicked this time around, and I knew it was possible. So I broke out the Sharpies and went to work.

Faith logo sketches

The line through the middle was the first breakthrough, and once I found the complementary lines in the A and the H (see the bottom two sketches above), I knew I had it. Below is the final, raw Sharpie version.

Plenty more could be done to this (e.g., background, color, embellishments, etc.), and a few of the lines need some adjustment, but I stopped once I got the basic concept on paper. Stoked. I think T-shirts and stickers with this on them would be sick.

Oh, I should add that Faith Skate Supply didn’t commission this design from me. It was purely a personal exercise.

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