You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until You Get It Back.

A lovelorn physics graduate student goes back in time to return the journal of his high-school crush in order to save his marriage and her life. The plan doesn't go as planned.

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Cover by Matthew Revert. Layout by Mike Corrao.

Advanced Praise:

“A fun, classic roller-coaster of a time-travel story that could have been published in the 1950s, except that it’s furnished with all manner of savvy insights into current 2020s life.” — Paul Levinson, author of The Plot to Save Socrates

Fender the Fall is a nostalgia-infused journey through time about second chances and the causality of love. It's a formative song from your youth revisited, a favorite VHS tape found in the back of your closet.” – Joshua Chaplinsky, author of The Paradox Twins

"Hard-boiled strange loops in a froth of weird." – Will Wiles, author of The Last Blade Priest

It's 5"x8" and 136-pages long, like a good paperback should be. It's the perfect fall read. Order your copy of this lovely, little paperback from Alien Buddha Press now! You won't regret it.