Illustration and Design

In addition to writing words, I draw and design things too.

Mission Unknown
Mission unknown. [Sharpie, December 24, 2017]
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PBR2D2 a.k.a. Pabst Blue Robot. [August 13, 2016]
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Prince, R.I.P.
I drew this portrait of Prince to accompany a piece for the Hong Kong Review of Books. I hope it at least seems fitting. There's no way to say what the man meant to me. [May 6, 2016]
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Hong Kong Review of Books Logo
My logo for the Hong Kong Review of Books. [Digital, March 12, 2016]
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Cloud Gate
"Cloud Gate" b.k.a. "The Bean." [I only had the one pen with me; May 8, 2014]
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Alaska Logo
Metal-ish logo for my rapper friend Tim "Alaska" Baker. Sharpies, white-out, and copy-machine. [February 16, 2014]
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