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wow&flutter Zine (1997)

I found, scanned, and uploaded a copy of my zine wow&flutter from 1997. It was an attempt to showcase the similarities between noise and hip-hop. Inside you’ll find interviews with noise artists John Duncan and Daniel Menche, an article about turntablism, which includes some early seeds to my recent book, Dead Precedents, and various record […]

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Sonified Solipsism: Digital Economies of Sound

One of the many lessons of chaos theory was that the limits of numerous traditional scientific and mathematical approaches had been reached. The elements filtered out by the methods in use kept edging in, refusing to be ignored. Information theorists, physicists, and mathematicians were all grappling with similar, persistent problems: noise in phone-lines, measurements that […]

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Bring the Noise: Systems, Sound, and Silence

In our most tranquil dreams, “peace” is almost always accompanied by “quiet.” Noise annoys. From the slightest rattle or infinitesimal buzz to window-wracking roars and earth-shaking rumbles, we block it, muffle it, or drown it out whenever possible. It is ubiquitous. Try as we might, cacophony is everywhere, and we’re the cause in most cases. […]

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