December 07th, 2007 | Category: Announcements, Meta

Yes, after ten years online, has come to an end. The following is the explanation I posted over there:

Well, it had to happen, and here as 2007 comes to a close, it has: has come to an end. Don’t worry, its vast archive of interviews and reviews will remain online, and most of them are also archived at my site, as well as the best of the best being available in book form in Follow for Now.

Why after ten years am I stopping Well, honestly it just feels like it’s time. I’ve been working on so many other things during this site’s existence, and it finally feels like FWD has fallen in priority for me and others. I’ve also been working to make truly a place for all things Roy Christopher, and since FWD has become nearly a one-person show, rather than splay my efforts any more than they already are, I’m concentrating on That’s where the majority of my writing, interviews, reviews, and other output will be henceforth. If you’ve enjoyed, you can expect the same blend of hip geekiness on my site — and as many of the friends of frontwheeldrive as I can con into it will be contributing over there as well.

So, with that brief explanation and with more joy than sorrow, we say “goodnight.” Many thanks to all the contributors, alumni of the staff, and especially the readers. Hope to see you all elsewhere.



Roy Christopher, Editor

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