Gritty City Fam: See Us on the Dancefloor

August 21st, 2014 | Category: Announcements

With their usual working-class class, the Gritty City Fam has dropped another gem. See Us on the Dancefloor (Gritty City Records, 2014) is the product of Richmond, VA stalwarts Johnny Ciggs, Skweeky Watahfawls, and Fan Ran.

See Us on the Dancefloor

Ciggs claims that this record was spawned by a conversation he had with Skweeky about Mike Daily and me:

We wouldn’t have done this album if it wasn’t for y’all. I literally told Skweeks, “I think those dudes would like it if we did an album.” I hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

We both get shout outs on the song “Celebrate” (at around the 4:35 mark), which is a personal dream come true. It’s an honor to promote gracious people putting in good work. Mad thanks and respect to Ciggs, Skweeks, Fan Ran, and the whole Gritty City Fam.

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