My Seidr Ginnungagap Review on Reality Sandwich

December 12th, 2013 | Category: Announcements

I wrote a review of Seidr’s new record, Ginnungagap (Bindrune Recordings), for Reality Sandwich. Seidr is one of my favorite bands made up of members from some of my other favorite bands: Panopticon, Wheels Within Wheels, Kólga, and others. These folks make some of the most expansive doom available anywhere in the galaxy.


Here’s an excerpt:

Though their name comes from Norse religion, Seidr is as low-key as they are Loki. A subtlety that’s often missing from heavy genres is the mark here. With members from some of my other favorite bands (e.g., Panopticon, Wheels Within Wheels, Kólga, etc.), Seidr is more than a supergroup: They are a collective of seers, mapping new territories in consciousness and the cosmos. Ginnungagap is only their second missive, but it sounds like the product of eons. “A Blink of the Cosmic Eye,” “The Pillars of Creation,” “Sweltering II: A Pale Blue Dot in the Vast Dark,” and the title track churn and smolder like dying stars. This is doom on the largest possible scale.

You can read the whole review over on Reality Sandwich. Thanks as always to Ken Jordan, Faye Sakellaridis, and Daniel Pinchbeck for the opportunity.

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