Gang of Four Kinect Commercial

October 26th, 2010 | Category: Announcements, Videos

I guess it’s logical that the older you get, the more the music you grew up listening to is likely to end up in the last place you’d expect. Gang of Four’s “Natural’s Not In It” in Microsoft’s official Xbox Kinect televison campaign. Good friend and ex-bass player Dave Allen seems summarily nonplussed. [runtime: 0:32]

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  • Jesse said:

    Gang of Four plus ESG on the other commercial=YES!!!!!!!

  • Matt Wall said:

    This rather transcends mere irony, don’t you think? Especially with the tagline “YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER” for a song with a lyric about ‘the problem of leisure…’ Either this was done somehow without the band’s permission or Jon and Andy are just as full of it as any hippie sellouts were…I’m finding it hard to see a middleground.