St. Roch’s Logo Design

After the success of my Faith Skate Supply logo, which might be used for something next year (fingers crossed), I decided to play around with one for another business I dig: St. Roch’s Bar in Austin, Texas. My friend and old boss Chris Mullins along with Steve Leninger opened St. Roch’s three years ago under the name “Double Down Lounge.” After a year, they were forced by Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas to change the name. As St. Roch is the patron saint of dogs, and since Steve is from New Orleans, “St. Roch” is the perfect name for their spot. It’s also an allusion to NOLA’s football team, which Steve loves, and his dog Deuce is a regular at the bar (as well as the graffiti on the patio).

For the logo, I wanted to include not only the fleur-de-lis of the Saints but also some weight in the letters (as opposed to the spindly style I used for the Faith logo). I’m also kind of on an ambigram kick, so I turned the last S around to get the symmetry I wanted. The first run didn’t quite get it there:

After that one, I went back to more pointy serif-things and thicker letters. My final basic design looks like this:

I have been inspired by Taj over at Fairdale to get some tools for these designs. So, as soon as I get my scanner, I’m going to digitize this properly, straighten it up some, and send it over to Mullins.

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