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wow&flutter Zine (1997)

I found, scanned, and uploaded a copy of my zine wow&flutter from 1997. It was an attempt to showcase the similarities between noise and hip-hop. Inside you’ll find interviews with noise artists John Duncan and Daniel Menche, an article about turntablism, which includes some early seeds to my recent book, Dead Precedents, and various record […]

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Metropolis of Memories

Each time we move to a new city, we make memories as the city slowly takes shape in our minds. Every new place we locate (e.g., the closest grocery store, the post office, rendezvous points with friends, etc.) is a new point on the map. Wayfinding a new city is an experience you can never […]

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What Means These ‘Zines?

I started all of this writing stuff making zines in junior high school. It would be difficult to overstate how much that experienced shaped who I have become. While the means of production and the channels of distribution have changed since my days at the copy shop, there are still some zines circulating. Here are […]

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