The Four Kings of My Musical Taste

October 07th, 2012 | Category: Essays, Marginalia

When it comes to my interests, I am extremely prone to phases. I will read about nothing but architecture or cyberpunk for a months straight, or listen to nothing but prog rock or black metal for three years.

It always swings back tough. Way back. I typically find that my all-time favorite stuff is way out by the edges. When it swings back, as it has recently, I often wonder what grounds it. In trying to find some sort of middle, I constructed the following chart:

I Tweeted not long ago that my listening was informed by the four pillars of Godflesh, Neurosis, Brian Eno, and The Bomb Squad, but I think this chart goes much further in defining it. The acts used above aren’t necessarily my favorites, but they represent the things I love about the things I love. If it’s heavy, I want the walls to warp. If it’s weird, I want cognitive dissonance. If it’s cheesy, pile it high. If it’s wordplay, make me have to come back to it a million times.

In only a partially facetious manner, this chart illustrates the nexus of my musical tastes. Music is by far the form of art I consume most, and art should show you something you can’t find anywhere else.

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