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February 21st, 2016 | Comments Off on Fallen Footwear Logo | Category: Announcements
Fallen Footwear Logo

Since I don’t have enough to do lately, I started working on another unsolicited logo design, this time for my friend Jamie Thomas’s company Fallen Footwear.
It started, as many of these do, with my waking up with part of it in my head. This time it was the middle Ls. As you can see in the rudimentary sketches on the left in the picture below, they form an arrow pointing down. That was to be the guiding visual concept for this design, which evolved over two weeks of intermittent sketches …

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April 21st, 2015 | Comments Off on Views and Interviews from a Few New Zines | Category: Reviews
Views and Interviews from a Few New Zines

When I started doing zines as a teenager, interviews were an easy way to get something no one else had. I could get in touch with a band, ask them questions, and write up an original piece of content. It was fun and it lead me to magazine writing. When I moved the operation online, my first site ( was almost all interviews.
Andy Jenkins and I have had a similar relationship with interviews. We both started off doing them for journalistic purposes, then moved away from them for various reasons. …

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September 27th, 2013 | Comments Off on Paradigms Crossed: Building and Burning Bridges in Skateboarding’s Disposable History | Category: Essays, Reviews
Paradigms Crossed: Building and Burning Bridges in Skateboarding’s Disposable History

Ever since I first saw Wes Humpston’s Dogtown cross on the bottom of a friend’s skateboard in 6th grade, I knew the wood, the wheels, and the art were going to be a part of my world. Like Alex Steinweiss and the album cover, skateboard graphics created the look of skateboarding. There were years where the only thing one knew about a particular skateboarder was the image on the bottom of his (rarely her) board. In the pre-internet world of skateboards, there were only a few companies, fewer videos, and only …

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July 07th, 2013 | One Comment | Category: Reviews
B-Side Wins Again: Punk Aesthetics

From an early age it was instilled in me that people judge you by how you look, how you dress, how you wear your hair, how you carry yourself. My dad won’t leave the house to do business or see someone without styling and dressing appropriately. We communicate something through every stylistic choice we make. As Umberto Eco (1973) writes, “I speak through my clothes.” To wit, I have seen firsthand many books misjudged by their covers. Still, coming up with this stress on conformity alongside the drive for expression inherent in …

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June 18th, 2013 | One Comment | Category: Marginalia
Faith Skate Supply Logo Design

As I do most summers, I recently visited my parents in Alabama. Inspired by the new socks I got from Faith Skate Supply in Birmingham, I decided to attempt a logo design.

It’s been a while, so I’m kinda rusty. I had tried once before to come up with a black-metal style, ambigram logo for Faith to no avail (see the two thin-lined attempts in the photo below), but something clicked this time around, and I knew it was possible. So I broke out the Sharpies and went to work.

The line …

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February 12th, 2012 | 4 Comments | Category: Essays, Reviews
<em>Mise-en-Zine</em>: Adolescent Anthologies

Zines, well, mostly skateboard and BMX zines, defined my formative years. They were our network of news, stories, interviews, events, art, and pictures. It’s very difficult to describe how an outmoded phenomena like that worked once such epochal technological change, one that uproots and supplants its cultural practices, has occurred. FREESTYLIN’s reunion book, Generation F (Endo Publishing, 2008), has a chapter called “The Xerox was Our X-Box,” and that title gets at the import of these things. As I said in that very chapter, “Making a zine was always having …

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July 06th, 2010 | One Comment | Category: Announcements
Zine Show in Torrance, CA

The skate zine show There Is Xerox On The Insides Of Your Eyelids is headed to Southern California at the Torrance Art Museum. The show opens July 24th and runs until September 4th.

I need to get in on this…
With thanks to Andy Jenkins and The Skateboard Mag.

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April 16th, 2010 | One Comment | Category: Marginalia, Videos
Spike Jonze’s Twizzler Lakai Commercial

Directed by Johannes Gamble and Federico Vitetta, this one-minute clip of Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, and Spike Jonze quickly captures the spirit of skateboarding with your friends. Its handful of brief vignettes illustrate how sessions out on the board are as much about clowning on each other and dorking around as they are trying to land genetically enhanced, “molecular” kickflips — even though the latter is what people will be talking about.

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September 18th, 2009 | Comments Off on The Lies Are All True: Alien Workshop’s Mind Field | Category: Reviews, Videos
The Lies Are All True: Alien Workshop’s <i>Mind Field</i>

In the late 80s and early 90s, skateboarding started a transition from a five-company economy to an independently-owned, skateboarder-run, hundred-company industry. All of the sudden everyone had a company, a brand, a team, a video. Most of them are long-gone, but for a few years there, it was difficult to keep up (Foundation’s Tod Swank tells the story best).
Alien Workshop was one of the original skateboard companies to emerge from the cacophony of skateboarding’s new-found independence, and for twenty years hence they’ve maintained a uniqueness that sets them apart from …

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August 20th, 2009 | Comments Off on In the Gnar: labcabinalabama | Category: Announcements
In the Gnar: labcabinalabama

Nick over at In the Gnar wrote a nice review of my zine from last summer called “labcabinalabama.”

Thanks to Nick for the kind words. Check out his review, and check out the rest of In the Gnar.